I’m Busy!

“I’m busy,” is a refrain heard over and over again. The children are busy in school, and sports, and all the other activities. The parents are busy working to provide for their families and keep the children involved in all these activities. The grandparents are busy going to doctor’s appointments, being substitute baby sitters by day, and attending the grandchildren’s activities at night. Everyone is busy!


Here is the catch. So many times, it is too easy to leave God out of your busy schedule. “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33 NIV). Make sure that God is a regular part of your life.


Larry Crane had a song in the 90’s that sang, “Leave a little time for peace. Leave a little time for sadness. Leave a little time to see what you can see. Just leave a little time for me.” (I’ll be surprised if anyone other than Clint has heard this song.) Too often, that is people’s view of God. “I’ll leave a little time for him.” But then, the first thing that gets cut is God time. That time may be prayer time, Bible reading time, or getting together with the saints to worship him, or all the above.


If you have been operating by the “leave a little time for me” policy, change your ways today. God wants us to seek him first. Start your week off on the right foot by coming to worship him this Sunday. Get your day started on the right key by saying a prayer to him. Get your mind in the right frame by quoting or reading one passage of scripture as you get ready for the day. We are all busy people. It is too easy to put God on the back burner. Make time for him.


written by: Jimmy Hodges

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